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IT Courses

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About Computer and IT Courses

The IT sector spans a diverse range of areas from computer hardware and software, networking and communications to web, telecommunications, multimedia and more.
Information Technology courses and computer courses can lead you to exciting careers working with organisations to design, develop and implement IT solutions, which improve business efficiency and productivity.

Fundamentally, IT refers to both the hardware (e.g. personal computer) and software used to add, save, store, retrieve, and manipulate digital information. At the most basic level, you have a personal computer on to which is installed an operating system and then the software applications needed for such varied tasks as, for example, word processing, recording and sorting data, creative animation, website development, and graphic design.  At Martin College, our computer courses cover everything from IT basics to sophisticated network technologies, giving you the perfect platform from which to launch your career. 

Computers, IT courses and transferable skills

IT is a technical subject but this is only part of the skill set for today’s IT professional.  Workplace skills are required such as teamwork, listening, telephone techniques and communication.  These are essential, particularly when communicating solutions to non-technical business staff.